WORLDWIDE [2016 - 2019]


This time, however, I decided to use pictures to tell stories about someone I’ve gotten to know the most, Me. About my place in this world, my desires, my freedom and perhaps my fear. About relationships, similarities and dissimilarities. It’s a very deep personal story that I decided to tell.This intimate account is a voice which hopes to touch the values that are close and important to other women as well.

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[2018 - 2019]


Photographs taken during my travels to Asia and especially to India. This country is the closest in my photographic search. The people we meet and their unique world awakens great humbleness and respect in me. Every person I meet there is a separate story that I try to write and tell in my photographs.

[ 2018 ]


I took these photographs during the Ladyboy night show in Bangkok in 2019. These Cabaret like shows pay tribute to the beauty of the female personality; From Hollywood glam and disco diva to mythical oriental creatures and legends.

[ 2016 ]


This short photographic record was created extremely spontaneously during a two-hour visit to Lublin during Carnaval. This festival combines circus shows and the art of walking on a tape – slacklining, which has been presenting artists from around the world with great success for many years. Carnaval is the celebration and the essence of life, its most vital sign.

[ 2017 ]


These photographs were taken during photo workshops with Ernesto Bazan and Tomasz Tomaszewski during the Easter mysteries in Sicily. The Mystery are amongst the oldest continuously running religious events in Europe, having been played every Good Friday since before the Easter of 1612, and running for at least 16 continuous hours, but occasionally well beyond the 24 hours, are the longest religious festival in Sicily and in Italy.

[2016 - 2018]

Don't turn your eyes away

India, the seventh largest country in the world and the second largest in terms of population, with over 1.2 billion residents. A country of contrasts where poverty meets great wealth. Where illiterates can often be found next to great scientists. In this country, next to the glass skyscrapers, in which a large number of world corporations are operated, there are adjacent slums where there is a poor everyday life. These places are filled with houses made of metal sheets, paper and rags. The sidewalks become the home of thousands of vulnerable children. They spend most of their lives here, that is, born, live and die. However, their childhood is not free and it ends very quickly. Children often work in the field or at home and when they are 11 or 12 years old, they start to earn money. In some drastic case, it also happens when parents sell their new-born children, so that they can pay their debts. Here, not many people are in despair if a child dies as a result of starving or inhuman treatment. 

However, every day, the sun awakens in the slums, the hope that the world will eventually bend over these children and they will also go to school someday. And the memory of a happy childhood will remain with them forever.

[ 2019 ]


RAJ KUMAR RAM comes from a very small Harijan community. This community deals with dead cattle and making animal skin products. It is a part of the lowest social castes in India, called the Dalits. Rajkumar is 25 years old, has a wife and two children. He was born with paralysed legs. He earns money by begging in the streets of Varanasi to feed his family and school for his children . And despite of the fact that he can not walk and he must crawl in the streets among cars and passers-by, he is a very positive and smiling man. He tries to live with dignity and always cares about hygiene and wears clean clothes before going out to work. But when he is at home he tries to spend time with family and good friends. He is very proud of his son who is studying in school and hopeful for the better life of his children.