Małgorzata Wakuluk (1964) lives in Poland. She is a choreographer by education; Artistic Manager by profession; Photographer by passion. She has been Photographing since 2016 and continues to this art still.  For her, the most important thing in photography is always human beings, interpersonal relations and social inequality. At the moment she is working on a new project related to the lowest casts in India- The Untouchables. In parallel, this year she started a new project about Rajkumar- a begger with paralysed legs. He crawls in the streests of Varanasi and this way he earns money to feed his familly and education for his kids. Human emotions and their place in this world are what fascinates her in photography the most but mystic photography is the close to her heart too as it is able to stir the imagination and has no limits.


– Photographic Exhibition: Not What You Think, Warsaw, Poland’2019
/ Artistic Curator of the Exhibition-Tomasz Tomaszewski/                   Click here
Watch the Virtual Exhibition by VIRTURAMA :                       ENTER EXHIBITION
– Collective Exhibition PhotoOpen – Bielsko Biała, Poland’2019         Click here
– My Frytel / My Space 2019 – Collective exhibition of documentary         photography in Poznan at the PixHouse Gallery                                   Click here
– Exibition on website Lensculture                                                            Click here
– Exibition on website Social Documentary Network                           Click here
– Debut Publisher of Photo Album: Not What You Think, 2019
/Edition of Album -Tomasz Tomaszewski /                                              Click here
 Individual virtual exhibition at the Vasa Project                                 Click here
Interview with “VASA on Photography”                                               Click here
PC: Rakesh Ranjan